Tiger Pastel Painting

Beautiful canvas prints of my original painting are now available.  A percentage of the price will be donated to the Hearts for Tigers Appeal to help raise funds to build new facilities at the Isle of Wight Zoo for Mondo, Girona, Natasha, Zoppa and Antonella.  These five ex circus tigers have been rescued and brought over from Spain.  They have had a terrible start to life so with our help we can raise funds towards their future happiness.  Sizes & prices are as follows:  I am unable to offer a payment facility on my website at the moment but I am looking into this for a later date.  You can contact me and pay via pay pal or bank transfer.

10″x10″   £25.00           12″x12″    £30.00     14″x14″    £35.00       16″x16″    £40.00     20″x20″     £50.00 + postage and packaging costs on resquest.

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